How to choose a chess move (Andrew Soltis) and CT ART 3

9990 hours to go. Using my chess study time to do CT Art exercises. Going from easy to difficult. Sometimes I find the solution quickly, sometimes it takes me five minutes to solve the exercise correctly. Also reading "How to choose a chess move" from wonderfull chess writer, Andrew Soltis. First chapter is called: "Your Move". The gist of the text is that beginners, who just learned how to … [Read more...]

The year 2013: hard work, blood and tears

We have entered a new year, 2013. The Mayas are proven wrong, the world, not even the chess world, did not stop existing. We are all still breathing and kicking. Ready to work on improving chess skills This year no resolution in order of getting a certain chess rating or getting a certain result in chess tournaments. The pressure is to big that way. Must regain the fun of just being busy … [Read more...]